Earn Money with your own Ethereum Faucet!


Hello! I want to give you some information at first so you know what you can expect here.
I'm from germany, so 2 things: first: my english is not the best, second: I can't give you information about good Webhosting services or stuff like that! For this part you have to do your own research, sorry.
But well you'll learn how to build your own Ethereum Faucet and receive some traffic to earn some money!

Getting Started

This faucet runs with a script provided by the developer of the Rotator and so on on this site! Which means that it's quite easy to set up your own Faucet since
he already wrote a tutorial HERE. But I wouldn't write this if I don't have some secrets that I could tell you to maximize your revenue!


Just some short information for you to make everything clear! You can earn money with SolveMedia Captcha BUT they need a lot information from you, so I prefer reCaptcha from Google. This might be important for those people who want to host nearly anonymous. AFAIK you have to choose between these 2
services. I'd totally recommend using Analytics to have a overview of everything that is somehow countable. Great charts! Important information! You can learn a lot from the data and traffic you receive!

The Interval and payout is TOTALLY individual! Lower intervals result in higher and constant traffic BUT they might get annoyed by PopUnder Ads so they won't come back anymore. With higher intervals comes higher tolerance concerning ads. These last two sentences are true if the payout matches the interval
High Interval -> High Payout
Low Interval -> Low Payout
It is a moral question aswell, you can totally focus on earning money and configure your faucet with a very low payout but just enough to receive a lot of traffic and stay close to profit with a lot of ads. The Downside of this is that you may receive downvotes on the FaucetList.
And this is obviously not that good, because you won't get a high placement which results in lower traffic! And traffic IS your income. So you HAVE TO care about the visitors of your faucet!

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a huge topic, so you have to read a bit for your own! I'll just give you some tips and tricks (I'm not a pro btw. Get-Ether is on site 3 or so if you google for "get-ether" - and this is kinda bad actually) you should know.

  • Obvious but important: choose something you'd google yourself! I had a lot of luck with "Get Ether", because that's something people usually google when they want to know how to buy Ethereum.
  • About 150 characters (with spaces) for your meta/page description for the best results. More letters will get cut off and this is bad for the ranking!
  • Choose an easy to read title. Separators like | or l or / or - are always great and add some structure!
  • Think for yourself! Don't just copy some 'catchy phrases' from other faucets! No one likes reading "the same" over and over again. Be creative!
  • Check your rankings on different sites!
  • Get traffic!


One of the most important parts! Which kind of ads push up the income? How many ads should you place on your faucet? How should you configure everything?

I'll introduce some Ad Networks for you and write a sentence or two to them so you can decide for yourself!



CoinMedia.co is a great Ad Network! You can create several types of banners and Text Line Ads. It is possible to change the price aswell, which is awesome! This network pays very well (if you set up everything right) and you can place many banners on your site!
I'd recommend you to adjust the price according to the amount of views, clicks and the traffic you have per day! Clicks are more worth than views and the traffic per day is just an additional layer of adjustment.
I have about 1-2k Hits per day on Get-Ether.com and placed 3 CoinMedia.co Ads on my site. But all of them have a different price, because one receives a lot of clicks and the other two get a lot of views. So well, the one with the many clicks is in the VIP Network and people have to pay a nice amount of mBTC.
The other two are in the standard network BUT these are big banners which attracts advertiser, all in all these two have a higher price, because the amount of views is a lot higher (more than the double as the first, small Ad Banner).
And YES this Ad Network pays in BTC! Since you want to build a crypto currency faucet this is quite awesome!

Just don't make the same mistake like me! I've forgot to set the price, because I thought that it adjusts itself concerning the network the ads are in (VIP, standard, premium, ...). BUT this is obviously not true!

Some negative points are the Server crashes which happen sometimes (huge loss actually) AND that this site isn't that well designed and not even responsive (at least for me ...)

[CLICK] AdBit.co [CLICK]

AdBit.co provides a lot of different options for Publishers and Advertisers! It's very easy to set everything up, you can even surf this site with your mobile phone! The Dashboard is nice and clean and you can set the price here aswell. So here you can use the same approach as for CoinMedia.co!

Here is a little down side aswell but it's so little that it's almost not worth mentioning... but I don't like it that the balance is shown in Satoshi. I have to recalculate everytime to know how much money I actually make. This kinda annoys me, but since everything is collected in my CoinBase Wallet, well, it's not big deal!

[CLICK] Adsal.net [CLICK]

Great new Ad Network! Especially for Popunder Ads but they offer 2 other kinds of Ads aswell: Direct Link Ads and a Mobile Redirect Ad. In addition this networks has a quite high CPM with about $0.1 for low quality traffic and even higher for high quality traffic (like european traffic).

You can withdraw the funds at $5, which is totally easy to earn with a faucet!

Other Advertising Networks

Side note: I've used all before mentioned network for more than 2 weeks. In this section I'll let you know about some networks I've tested but I switched for a reason (even if some of them are actually very great).


Forget it! You need a lot of content to get accepted there! Work hard and you'll get payed! The Google Advertising System has a very high payout and it's totally worth it, if you're in reach.

Anonymous Ads Advertise with Anonymous Ads

Automatic payout, great web design BUT quite low payout. In my honest opinion it's not worth it, except you get a lot of referrals! Then it's always a bonus. But as a beginner in the faucet world, I can't recommend it!


Great Network for (among others) PopUnder Ads, but you have to earn 50 Bucks until you can request a withdrawal. Meh!

Boost your income!

It's quite easy to get a faucet running. The first visitors will come fast and eat your ether. But if you want to earn from your faucet, I have some tips for you!

At first: if you find people, who could give you some real traffic, use it!

Search for forums, Facebook Groups, Twitter Accounts, Social Networks, Chats, IRCs, ... to advertise for your faucet! Some people are annoyed by ads BUT at the end of the day, it works! And it works great!

Always prefer real traffic! Traffic Exchanges are great but the traffic is mostly generated and not real. The chances are high that your Ad Networks will ban you for using Traffic Exchanges!

Write articles, comments, guest-blogs, etc. for other people who already have traffic on their website! This is always a great boost for you!

Offer something unique! Use a great formula to adjust the payout perfectly or get a really awesome looking design. Trust me, it helps! Even if it's "just a faucet"!

Provide additional content! Write a tutorial (...) or just deliver more information than anybody else!

If it's worth it, pay for traffic or ads for your own faucet!

Sometimes it's not the best idea to have the most attractive Faucet out there! If you have a lot of traffic (10k+ unique hits per day), a lot people will claim ether! Which totally means that your balance is empty very soon! And this is bad... so do something against it!

Thanks for your attention! Have fun with your own faucet and earn money!